Meeting 2015/10/19

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Meeting 2015/10/19
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2015/10/19
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 13:05, 19 October 2015

Members in Attendance

  • Martin Kellinghusen
  • Kaegan Mandryk (taking minutes)
  • Ben Hawker
  • Robroy
  • Graeme
  • Jordan
  • Azad
  • Chad
  • Jeremy

Last Meetings Action Items

  • Encourage 1st and 2nd year students to come hang out in the office.
    • Please make an effort to welcome new students in the office.
    • Make an effort to introduce yourself outside of the office setting.
  • Website needs to be updated - Kaegan has been working on it
  • Photos of Executives - Updated photos have been taken.
  • Poster in the office needs updating - Kaegan updated the poster
  • New banner for outside of door - Martin got a quote from AlleyKat Signs (SEE ATTACHED QUOTE)

Finance Update

  • McNaughton Resource Learning Center Reimbursement has been submitted
    • We sent some photos to IEEE Canada outlining our branch activities.
  • Kaegan submitted the ESS Fall Funding application.
  • $995 for the Cinkant Endowment Refund Reimbursement has been received
  • We have $4200 available in the FAST account.


  • MPG - Hardware and Software
  • IEEExtreme coding challenge is happening this weekend!
  • Martin is working with IT to update the RFID activation system
    • Current system is broken, the server is unreliably updating new members cards.
    • A new web based database will hopefully allow all student clubs to manage their door permissions.