Meeting 2015/01/16

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Meeting 2015/01/16
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2015/01/16
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 14:21, 2 March 2015

Members in Attendance

Action Items From Last Week

  • Martin/Peter - Organize skillDev, get clubs on board and secure dates.
    • Meeting with clubs happening after this meeting.
  • Ben Hawker/Martin - Write a proposal addressed to the Victoria section regarding skillDev funding.
  • Ben Brysiuk - Find a suitable logic probe and oscilloscope to purchase for under $400
  • Ben Hawker/Martin - Sign up IEEE as UVSS registered club for insurance purposes.
    • We need to attend next months UVSS meeting to be officially registered.
    • Just waiting to hear back from the UVSS director of student relations.

Action Items Continued

  • Denis - Setup skillDev signup page on IEEE website.
  • Peter - New computer setup
    • Waiting for monitor price to drop before buying new monitors.
  • Look into having a networking event at Viatech for active IEEE members??
  • Look into having an occasional social night in the IEEE??


  • Are we running MPG?
    • Waiting to hear back from the ece department. They will discuss MPG during this months department meeting.
    • If so who is going to organize it?
    • What needs to be done to get it going if so?
      • Ben/Graeme/Jordan will spearhead getting MPG up and running and maintain it.

New Purchase

  • Do we want to purchase a multicharger??


Finance Report

  • Denis - What have you been up too?
    • What is the drop box looking like?
    • Do we need to re-budget?


  • Meeting is happening this afternoon to schedule clubs.
  • How much money are we willing to set aside to run skillDev?
    • This includes supplies/materials, pizza.
  • Need IEEE support to run events.
    • Can I get an IEEE member to attend each skillDev (This means you!).

Action Items for Next Week