Meeting 2014/11/28

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Meeting 2014/11/28
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2014/11/28
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 16:32, 28 November 2014

Members in Attendance

  • Martin Kellinghusen
  • Ben Hawker
  • Darren Gervais-Harrison
  • Kieran Armstrong

Action Items from Last Week

  • Ben - Ben will look into blinds on the main windows. Looking at possibly spending around $80.
  • - Ben talked to Brent, he suggested cardboard. Ben will talk to Dan Mai about more professional/formal blinds
  • Martin - Martin will talk to ECE department about purchasing desks. As well as look into purchasing hot air gun, compare rework station and hot air gun. Get a E-Waste bin
  • - Martin talked to facilities about lab benches. Dawn Lang will be in contact with me later next week to see if we can get benches. I will be buying a heat gun this week. Organized CARSA tour, see CARSA slide.
  • Jordan - Wiki Exec page, which will hold info about budget/meeting structure/exec structure/etc. Ben will discuss vision.
  • -

Cinkant Endowment Fund

Each year ESS puts 1/3rd student money into Cinkant Endowment Fund. Each year they take matured money out to split between group projects and clubs.


  • We completed a tour of CARSA today. Nine IEEE student members were in attendance. Brian Leahy from houle electric completed a great tour of all the electrical systems.
  • Other tour suggestions????
  • - Boeing
  • - Viking Air
  • - Schneider Electric

Action Items for Next Week

  • Martin - Talk to Brent about making a space available to students to buy electronic components.
  • Ben - Figure out 3D printing cost/transaction for students to use.
  • Jordan - N/A
  • Denis - Implement sliding photos on website. Setup Facebook page for IEEE UVic student branch.