Meeting 2014/11/21

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Meeting 2014/11/21
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2014/11/21
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 15:42, 28 November 2014

Members in Attendance

  • Jordan Vlieg
  • Ben Hawker
  • Martin Kellinghusen
  • Denis Kisselev
  • Brandon Brown
  • Graham Lyall

Action Items from Last Week

  • Martin - Possibly can get a free 3D printer from the CSC111/SENG499 prof.
    • No longer possible, donated somewhere else.
  • Denis - Pick up the cheque from the ESS (Done)
  • Ben - Edit and update Holiday Cards

3D Printer Enclosure

Has been approved unanimously, $200 budget, to be handled by Ben.

Ben H. Has gotten quotes from Industrial Paint & Plastics:

1/8" Acrylic: $4.87sqft 3/16" Acrylic: $6.63sqft


3 x (34" x 22") = 18sqft 2 x (22" x 22") = 8sqft

= 26 * $4.87 = $126.61 (1/8")

Other Discussion Items

  • Electronics recycling bin to be purchased by Martin in the near future.
  • Hot air gun, to be investigated by Martin.

Action items for next week

  • Ben - we need blinds on the main window. Possibly around $80.
  • Martin - Will talk to ECE department about purchasing desks. Look into purchasing hot air gun, compare rework station and hot air gun. Get a E-Waste bin
  • Jordan - Wiki Exec page, which will hold info about budget/meeting structure/exec structure/etc. Ben will discuss vision.