Meeting 2014/11/07

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Meeting 2014/11/07
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2014/11/07
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 15:44, 21 November 2014

Action Items from Last Week #

  • Get Cable hangers installed - Martin did 2, one remaining
  • Final research on 3D printer - Everyone, everyone agrees the makerfarm is adequate for our needs.
  • Find a suitable enclosure -Denis/Jordan, Martin found some, see photos below.
  • Write up on 3D printer - Jordan/Denis, Needs to happen before sunday. No progress has been made.
  • Write checks - Denis, Done.

This Past Week #

  • Martin hung up two of the new cable hangers over the weekend. Didn't hang up the third as I was undecided on the location.

3D Printer

  • 3D Printer - Approved Unanimously $1000 budget
  • Enclosure
    • After discussing the possibility of using a rubber maid container to protect the 3D printer I decided to check some out.
    • Here are three different models that could probably work
    • The boxes range from $10-$25. I am sure we can find a clear one if we look harder

2014/2015 Budget

Student branch will now draft up annual budgets that run from October 1 of the current year to Sept 30 of the following year. The proposed 2014/2015 budget is available here: Budget/2014-2015

Action Items For Next Week

  • Ben - we need blinds on the main window. Possibly around $80.
  • Martin - Possibly can get a free 3D printer from the CSC111/SENG499 prof.
  • Martin/Jordan - McNaughton proposal