Meeting 2014/10/31

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Meeting 2014/10/31
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2014/10/31
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 19:36, 1 November 2014

Action Items from Last Week #

  • Jordan will look into a better 3D printer.
    • Unanimously voted to buy the 10" Makerfarm in the next two weeks.
  • Ben, Darren and Martin have been working on the McNaughton proposal. Still needs to be written.
  • Cable hangers need to be installed. We need to get proper drywall screws or butterfly anchor.

This Past Week #

  • Nothing everyone was super busy
  • Got access to our bank account


New one coming. It was supposed to be here yesterday, will be here Monday probably.


We have money, let's write some checks to people.

Action Items

  • Final research on 3D printer - Everyone
  • Find a suitable enclosure -Denis/Jordan
  • Write up on 3D printer - Jordan/Denis
  • Write checks - Denis
    • Done