Meeting 2014/10/17

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Meeting 2014/10/17
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Ben Hawker
Meeting 2014/10/17
Ben Hawker, 11:05, 24 October 2014

Action Items from Last Week #

  • Denis will look up Info about Coast Capital
  • Didn't happen
  • Ben will get in touch with Nandi about money
  • Nandi is sick, will contact once he is better
  • Martin will collate the preorders for shirts and prepare the order. (possibly collect money if not that many orders)
  • Shirt order will be put in a soon as the final orders as submitted. Shirts should be here next week.
  • Martin Will also put together a Digikey order of general lab stuff that we need. ($75 limit appropved by Denis, Ben, and Darren.)
  • Digi Key order arrived, new banana clips and hangers.
  • Darren will report on possible Skilldev events.
  • Didn't happen
  • Jordan will put together a full cost-breakdown for the 3D printer, with multiple proposed quality tiers.
  • Jordan didn't make the meeting due to illness.

This Past Week #

  • DigiKey Order
  • Alligator Clips
  • Test Lead Racks
  • Ran out of paper, bought more from Staples (also some labels)
  • Laminator for 8.5" x 11" Paper (Yay signage)
  • Fancy new Wiki slide thing (thanks to Derek Church)

Financial Stuff

  • Bank account?
  • No idea, we need to get money soon.... Nandi is required once he is healthy.
  • Freshbook!
  • Got a free account!! Denis will get it setup

3D Printer

Phoenix reviews were terrible. Company claims to have addressed issues, but complains are outstanding.

Looking into other options, Solidoodle and PrintrBot both have good reviews.

  • We are looking into other options. Not to sure if a 3D printer is the best use of money this year.


DCP-7040 needs about $100 for new drum. Might be better/more cost-effective to buy a new printer.

Brother OEM Drum

  • CDN$ 92.98, Primable
  • Almost as much as a new printer

Brother DCPL-2540DW

  • Monochrome, DCPL2540DW Compact Laser 3-in-1 with Wireless Networking and Duplex Printing
  • CDN$ 158.28, Primable
  • Duplex, No color


Brother MFC-9130CW

  • Digital Wireless Colour Laser Multifunction Printer
  • CDN$ 229.99, Free Shipping
  • Color, no duplex


Brother MFC-9330CDW

  • Duplex printing, wireless networking, print speeds up to 23ppm, and copy/scan/fax functionality make the Brother™ MFC-9330CDW an ideal choice for small businesses that print primarily in black, but also need in-house, high-impact color printing.
  • CDN$ 342.89, Free Shipping
  • Kind of Expensive..


Brother MFC-9560CDW

  • Colour Laser All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex
  • CDN$ 658.28, Primable
  • Wow expensive.


  • We might lease a full photocopier if it is color and reasonable priced. Denis will look into it. Otherwise MFC-9230CDW was the favorite.



It would be great to have some way to announce lab updates and events.

-Blog -Twitter

  • Darren and Ben showed interest in a Facebook page. They will set it up if they have time.

Action Items

  • Dennis and Darren will look into a photocopier.
  • Jordan will look into a better 3D printer.
  • Martin will order T-shirts next week.
  • Ben, Darren and Martin have been working on the McNaughton proposal. Still needs to be written.
  • Cable hangers need to me installed. We need to get proper dry wall screws or butterfly anchor.
  • Denis will look into a photocopier lease. If it is to expensive we will continue with our original idea of buying a new brother printer.