Meeting 2014/10/10

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Meeting 2014/10/10
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Ben Hawker
Meeting 2014/10/10
Ben Hawker, 13:20, 16 October 2014

*Action item updates from last meeting (Sept 30)

Denis will look into Coast Capital as an alternative to BMO
Ben will talk to Nandi about working with us to get signing authority on BMO and possibility of switching
Jordan will put together a price breakdown for 3D printer
-Steel frame - $80, Acryllic a lot more, depending on parts. 150-170
$650 for printer + 160 ship, USD.
Will also put together a more details excel doc/proposed pricing table.
Reviews of proposed model seem rocky.
Martin is working on getting samples of IEEE shirts
-Spoke with deb from sportMax we will be getting Gildan 64000 series T-Shirts. Order will be going in sometime next week. Please sign up if you want a shirt. Cost will be $15 for each shirt Color Choices.
Mass email sent to all SB members for pre-orders.


*Wireless Printing

Was successfully set up by Jordan and Ben. Big thank you to Matt Cormie for all his help (if you see him).

Instructions for setup can be found on the Wireless Printing page.



DCP-7040 needs about $100 for new drum. Might be better/more cost-effective to buy a new printer.


*New Drum

Just get a new drum for our printer

Brother OEM
CDN$ 92.98, Primable Amost as much as a new printer


3rd Party
CDN$ 33.30, Primable Get's bad reviews


*New Monochrome Printer

Might as well get a new printer

Brother DCP7060D Printer Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Copier with Duplex
CDN$ 109.99, Primable Looks Okay


Brother MFC7360N Monochrome Laser Printer with Scanner
CDN$ 99.99, Primable Has document feeder


*New Color Printer

Yay color!

Brother MFC-9130CW Digital Wireless Colour Laser Multifunction Printer
CDN$ 229.99, Free Shipping Looks cool




Will re-discuss next week. Execs will find and propose some more models that can auto-duplex.

*McNaughton Proposal

Ben started work on this.


2 Dual Monitor Workstations

2 Monitor Only Workstations

*Price Breakdown

Item Supplier Price Quantity Price Extended
ThinkCenter M73 - Tiny Lenovo Canada $693.99 2 $1,387.98
ASUS VS239H-P NCIX $194.02 6 $1,164.12
iCan Dual Screen Monitor Mount Canada Computers $99.99 2 $199.98
iCan Monitor Mount Canada Computers $54.99 2 $109.98
Peripherals and Cables Monoprice $161.25 1 $161.25
Total $3,023.31


Proposed new equipment layout:

Dual-monitor workstations will be placed on Chair/ViceChair desks, single will be placed on Treasurer desk and window-lab bench.

Treasurer desk will also power the 3d printer (which would be placed in place of current server rack)


Robroy has a couch he doesn't want... Do we want it?


Current Request from

Request Submitted by Total Votes
Vacuum Ben Hawker 2
Digital Oscilloscope bbrysiuk 2
Test Lead Rack Ben Hawker 1
New Computers and Monitors Martin Kellinghusen 0
3D Printer Ben Hawker 0


Darren will be meeting with other student groups next week and will ask if they would like to participate in Skilldev by hosting events with us.

*Action Items

  • Denis will look up Info about Coast Capital
  • Ben will get in touch with Nandi about money
  • Martin will collate the preorders for shirts and prepare the order. (possibly collect money if not that many orders) Will also put together a Digikey order of general lab stuff that we need. ($75 limit appropved by Denis, Ben, and Darren.)
  • Darren will report on possible Skilldev events.
  • Jordan will put together a full cost-breakdown for the 3D printer, with multiple proposed quality tiers.