Meeting 2014/09/30

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Slack Chat

Decided to opt for a basic facebook chat instead, set up by Jordan

Financial Report

BMO is currently charging maintenance fees, Denis will look into switching to Coast Capital (fees, process). Ben will discuss with Dr.Nandi.

Student Congress

Student congress: We are supposed talk about benefits of IEEE more, such as: resume lab, job site, mentor center, ieee young professionals, ieee day october 7, HKN (student honour society), ICF scholarships ($5000).

Executive Emails

Discovered it was possible to probably get:



Need to secure the wiki - Denis action item for October


Currently looking at soldering, however irons are limited, and practice boards are pricy.


Martin contacted the lady that makes shirts for the ESS, cost around $8 each with a minimum order of 10. Asking for test shirts.

McNaughton Proposal

Next year should apply to get a 3D printer This year we should focus on getting computers and monitors, possibly a phone charging station.