Meeting 2014/09/16

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MPG Follow Up

ECE department cancelled MPG due to "Lack of space", ECE board claims no one likes MPG and the general consensus is that it should be cancelled. Workaround is to have IEEE run the program.

IEEE is providing the ECE department with a MPG syllabus and a list of people who would like to see the program happen.

Meeting Minutes

Executive Emails

Old Emails:


Ben will contact the IEEE about registering


Exec page will use personal IEEE emails

Financial Report

BMO sucks, will update next week, cant update password

Possibly switch to Coast Capital



Denis and Jordan, add exec tab






McNaughton Proposal

Darren and Martin

Paper Cutter

  • Large-ish
  • Zap doesn't have one
  • We bought one from the provincial auction

Work Desk

Additional administrative through UVic may have to be done to purchase desks. Purchasing manager needs to be contacted.