McNaughton Center - The Lab

The McNaughton Center is an open laboratory space that approved IEEE Student Members are welcome to use.

Located in ELW B350 the McNaughton Center gives students space to work on personal and academic projects.

Equipment Highlights

  • Electrical Test Equipment
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Desktop Computers
  • Books and Publications

Who was McNaughton?

General Andrew G.L. McNaughton is remembered by most people as a military man who later became a member of the Canadian cabinet, assuming the post of Minister of Defense. His many other contributions to Canada are not realized. McNaughton was a graduate of McGill University, holding the degree of Master of Science, with Honours in Electrical Engineering. His interest in science resulted in the invention of the cathode ray direction finder - the direct forerunner of radar.


The IEEE Student Branch would like to thank: Subhasis Nandi, Kin Li, Dave Gregson and the Victoria IEEE Section, Dean Michael Miller, Nikitas Dimopoulos, Mary Anne Teo, Zuomin Dong, Steve Campbell, Pat McKnight, Dale Mervyn, Sunny Mahajan...and all those students who have attended planning meetings and helped us sort out our grant proposals.