Meeting 2014/12/12

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Meeting 2014/12/12
UVic IEEE Student Branch
Meeting 2014/12/12
UVic IEEE Student Branch, 18:31, 12 December 2014

Members in Attendance

  • Jordan Vlieg
  • Darren Gervais-Harrison
  • Martin Kellinghuisen
  • Ben Hawker
  • Denis Kisselev

Action Items from Last Week

  • Martin - Talk to Brent about making a space available to students to buy electronic components.
    • To be done at a later date
  • Martin - Talk to lady about lab desks
    • 7 foot desk for $600
  • Ben - Figure out 3D printing cost/transaction for students to use.
    • To be done at a later date
  • Denis - Implement sliding photos on website. Setup Facebook page for IEEE UVic student branch.
    • To be done at a later date

McNaughton Proposal

We received $ 1000.00 (of $3700.00) towards our proposal.

This is about $ 1300.00 of purchases.

Action Items for Next Week

  • Ben Brysiuk - Find a suitable logic probe and oscilloscope to purchase for under $400
  • All - Using McNaughton money to purchase one computer workstation.